Borealis String Quartet (Vancouver)
Patricia Shih, violin;
Yuel Yawney, violin;
Nikita Pogrebnoy, viola;
Sungyong Lim, cello

Individual artists
Louise Rose, music maker (Victoria)
Libby Yu
, classical piano (Vancouver)
Elliot Freedman, baritone guitar (Victoria)
Bryn Badel, post horn (Victoria)
Attila Fias, piano (Toronto)
Neil Swainson, jazz bass (Toronto)
Joe Poole, drums (Vancouver)
Joey Smith, jazz bass (Victoria)
Kelby MacNayr, drums (Victoria)
Ryan Oliver, tenor saxophone, (Victoria)
Brad Turner, trumpet (Vancouver)
Bruce Hurn, trumpet (Victoria)


Manon Stankovski, violin
Jeimmi Carrasco, violin
Byungchan Lee, violin
Julien Altmann, viola
Hannah Craig, cello
Kendra Grittani, cello

If you haven’t been to MBTS before it is worth taking the time to read about how we programme. We are not a normal festival, in the sense that people normally buy tickets for a particular artist on a particular night. Instead, we create a “company”  of individual artists from across the country and the globe, both jazz and classical, who then collaborate to create the programme.

Once we have confirmed all the artists in April, we begin a process of developing a repertoire wish list. From this list we determine our final programme. Generally, a typical concert contains a short piece or two from a variety of artists in the company, in a variety of collaborations, both jazz and classical. If you’d like to see more, view our previous programmes here.

Jazz selections are announced from the stage. We have been doing this long enough now that audiences are buying tickets before they know the programme or the artists— because they are confident that every concert will have a large, thoughtfully chosen, selection of the company and different genres.