Christopher DOnison Director of Music by the Sea

Message from the Artist Director

“During a concentrated period in the summer musicians would take in
the powerful inspiration this stunning part of the world elicits—and it
would focus the muse. And as the years passed,
the music would draw audiences to a region which
is ascendant—which is growing, culturally and eco-
nomically—the Pacific Northwest. I invite you to share
in this vision.”

I wrote the above two paragraphs back in 2006. That year we launched the first festival. It grew and eventually in 2012 we were able to launch the MBTS Fellowship Artist Mentorship Program.  Our artistic reputation continues to grow and resonate through-out the arts community in Canada and abroad and I invite you to peruse past programmes and artist-rosters on our website…I continue to marvel at them.

Had it not been for COVID-19 last year would have been our 15th Season — but like much in the world it was cancelled. In 2020 we had plans to add a week of concerts in Victoria at the brand new Victoria International Marina in its beautiful venue which very much echoes the Rix Centre at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. This would have followed the MBTS Festival in Bamfield.

The last 18 months have been so uncertain that it has been very difficult to organize anything like what we do. However, in 2020 and the spring of 2021, in an effort to maintain the possibility of a future in Victoria as well as Bamfield, we streamed live concerts from the Victoria International Marina.  In mid-June 2021 we were able to implement the Mentorship Program in Bamfield! But we were certain there could be no festival this year. But THEN, less than 4 weeks ago as I write this on July 27th , the Province of BC made it possible for us to have live indoor concerts at a reduced capacity. Two weeks later we pulled the trigger on pulling together this festival for 2021 in Victoria. So basically, what normally takes a full year of planning is happening with only a few weeks to organize!

I wish to thank all of the special sponsors and donors that have helped us through the last 18 months and in particular the Victoria International Marina and the Victoria Hospitals Foundation.  All of our progress to date could not be possible without the support of all of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, artists, audiences, Members of the Board of Directors, and a host of other MBTS friends—and I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to them all.

Christopher Donison
Founder and Artistic Director

Music by the Sea at Bamfield British Columbia