ethan olynyk drumsEthan’s father always had music playing in the house. Frank Sinatra, Yma Sumac, Bach, The Beatles, and John Coltrane supplied the sound tracks to his early years. Ethan was enamoured by all of it. His grandmother watched him move to the beat, and so she purchased him a drum set for his third birthday. They were a main source of happiness and fulfillment for him, and he played them every day.
Soon a decade passed and his father found a school with a great music program. Although it was out of catchment, and none of his elementary-school friends would be joining him, he decided to go. He began to excel immediately, with the help of his band director. She placed him in the grade above, and took him to a handful of competitive music festivals every year. At these festivals Ethan was busy playing in several combos, at least one big band, and accompanied other students solo auditions. He won awards at every festival he attended, among his numerous accolades, Ethan was selected for the Best Drummer award at the MusicFest Canada two years in a row, and his duo also placed  Next Generation Jazz Festival in Monterey. During and after high school, Ethan was recruited to be a teachers assistant at various summer camps, including- but not limited to, The Phil Dwyer Academy Of Music And Culinary Arts, as well as the VSO School Of Music Summer Camp. After high school ended, Ethan was offered scholarships to several universities, but attended McGill University with a full ride. Currently Ethan’s main employer is his long time friend and mentor, Berklee graduate John Lee.