2015 Performing Artists:

Bryn Badel, posthorn (Victoria)

Cordelia Paw, violin (Calgary)

Kate Stenberg, violin (San Francisco)

Robert Uchida, violin (Edmonton)

Aaron Schwebel, violin (Toronto)

Keith Hamm, viola (Toronto)

Charles Pilon, viola (Edmonton)

Julie Hereish, cello (Montreal)

Mary Artmann, cello, (San Francisco)

Nan Hughes, mezzo soprano, (Banff)

Ken Lavigne, tenor (Chemainus)

Krita Martynes, clarinet (Montreal)

Suzanne Snizek, flute, (Victoria)

Marc Ryser, piano (Boston)

Steven Dann, viola (Toronto)

Jeff Gammon, jazz bass (Vancouver)

John Stetch, jazz piano (New York)

Kelby MacNayr , drums (Victoria, BC)

Mike Allen, saxophones (Vancouver)

James Danderfer, clarinets (Vancouver)

Fellowship Artists

Elizabeth Skinner, violin (Victoria)

Meredith Riley, violin, (Ithaca NY),

Catherine Gray, viola, (Calgary),

Britton Riley, cello, (Ithaca NY)

This is last year’s programme still posted here for your review.  The 2015 programme will be posted in the New Year.  Read this below and it will explain why our programme is posted closer to the event than most festivals.

Are you familiar with this project?  It is not an normal festival in any sense,  where on a given night you have a given act,  or group.  Rather,  we bring to together a company of artists from all over the country (and internationally),  across a range of genres—but mostly classical and jazz .  When the full roster of artists is known,  the group begins a process of what we call “open source programming”  whereby they all ,  after having seen the resources we have brought together,  offer up up their wish list of repertoire.  This begins a month-long period of collaboration (through the month of May) of distillation of this list  into a programme.  Then when the Artists arrive in Bamfield, each concert contains a diverse variety of types of music and collaborations…and so while they are in Bamfield they are also rehearsing the larger collaborations that will be programmed near the end of the festival, as well as performing  in the evenings. Enjoy!


Concert One

Concert 1First HalfSecond Half
Sat. eve, July 5th,pre-concert FanfaresThree Fanfares, for horn in a 
distant rowboat and percussion 
on the  shore (2006) 

C. Donison (b. 1952)Emmanuel Séjourné
(b. 1961)

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